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My best rated books of 2017!

Happy Newyear everyone! It’s 2018 and I wanted to do a little recap for 2017. I started this blog in april and I haven’t written reviews for all the books I’ve read (yet). I might still do so, but I don’t have enough time yet. So here are the books that I’ve given a 5… Continue reading My best rated books of 2017!

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Wishlist top 10!

I’ve decided that I cannot buy any more books until January. Except next Friday when I will be going to a sale at a publishers. I mean, I have to buy something there, right? I know it will be a challenge, but I really want to cut down on my TBR pile and there just… Continue reading Wishlist top 10!

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My Trip to Nice #5

So this is my last post about my trip to Nice, because I went home on Sunday. I was so sad to leave Nice! It’s such a beautiful place and the people there are all so great! I’m going to miss the place, the sunshine and the people so much. Saying goodbye on Friday was… Continue reading My Trip to Nice #5

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My Trip to Nice #4

This was my third week in Nice and I only have one more week to go. This means that this is the second to last blog that I’ll write about my trip to Nice and I will blog mostly about books from then on. For now however, I’ll tell you about what I did and… Continue reading My Trip to Nice #4

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My Trip to Nice #3

Bonjour! Another week has passed, so it’s time for another update! By now I’m halfway through my time here and I’m seriously crying on the inside about it. I try not to think about leaving too much and telling you about my week will probably help with that 😉 This week was as much fun… Continue reading My Trip to Nice #3

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My trip to Nice, France #1

Hello everyone, tomorrow morning I’ll be getting on a plane and I’ll travel to Nice, France! I’m not just going there as a vacation, but I’ll also be learning the French language. I’ll be traveling with Education First and in this post I’ll tell you all about my trip, why I’ve chosen to go on… Continue reading My trip to Nice, France #1