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My Trip to Nice #5

So this is my last post about my trip to Nice, because I went home on Sunday. I was so sad to leave Nice! It’s such a beautiful place and the people there are all so great! I’m going to miss the place, the sunshine and the people so much. Saying goodbye on Friday was so hard L . Anyway, here is what my last week looked like.


Monday morning I had class and I got my grade from the test that I made on Friday. I got an A, so I went from the A1 class to A2! After my first class I had a two hour break, so I went to the shopping street to do a little shopping (didn’t buy anything, except food XD ). I then had my second class and after that I went to the beach, because it was a really beautiful day.


Another boring day. Just went to class and that was it really.


Wednesday morning I went to class and afterwards I went to the beach. Me and some others spend the entire day there, so I tanned and just had a really great day there! Normally I don’t like lying on the beach that much, but in Nice with a group of friends it’s really a lot of fun. Also, we played some music and I now have a new favorite song: Est-ce que tu m’aimes by Maître Gims, which is currently the artist I listen to the most as well.


Thursday I went to class and afterwards I went to see the Château again, because it has such a nice view and I wanted to enjoy it a second time. I also went to the flower market and bought some local jams. I bought three little jars with fruit jam and also three little jars with jam made of flowers. I still have to try those, because I’ve never ate anything like that, but I think it will be nice to try.


My last day! I had class and received my official certificate stating that I’m now at the A2 level of French. Pretty proud of myself for that, because this means I went a level up. After class I went home to pack all my stuff and then I went back to school to hang around for a bit. When everyone went to class I had some coffee at the promenade. It was yet another beautiful day, so I sat there for quite a bit.

In the afternoon me and some others went to the Old Part of Nice to have some drinks and then to have a goodbye-dinner, because it was my last night there and there were also some others leaving, so we made it a night out. After a great dinner we went to Sansas, which is a bar near the Old Part, where we participated in a pub quiz. My team didn’t win, but we were second to last, so we didn’t lose completely either.

After the quiz I had some more drinks and had to say goodbye to everyone. I think saying goodbye was the hardest part of leaving and it made me really sad to leave.


Saturday morning was quiet and I packed my last things. My hostmother took me to the airport and she gave me a French jazz CD as a goodbye gift, which I’m loving right now! She waited with me and even ran with me across the airport, because there was some delay with the check-in of my luggage and I was almost late! I then had to say goodbye to her as well and I then got on to my plane.

It is really nice to see my family again and to be able to sleep in my own bed, but I really miss Nice and I have to get used to being back here again. It’s very sunny in the Netherlands right now, so that is helping a bit.

All in all my trip to Nice was AWESOME! I’m so happy I did this and I recommend going on a trip like this to everyone! Just go longer than one month, because I can promise you that you will love it so much you won’t be happy to leave. I’m now going to cherish my memories of this awesome trip and hopefully it will be a nice summer here in the Netherlands, so I can keep that great feeling I had in Nice!

Also, from now on I will mostly post about books! I’m a little behind schedule on writing reviews, so I am going to work hard to get some more reviews online!


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