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My Trip to Nice #4

This was my third week in Nice and I only have one more week to go. This means that this is the second to last blog that I’ll write about my trip to Nice and I will blog mostly about books from then on. For now however, I’ll tell you about what I did and saw in week number three!


This Monday was yet another holiday, so me and some friends decided to go to Italy! We went to a little village just over the border of France, called Ventimille/Ventimiglia (the first name is the French and the second is Italian). Ventimille is a small and very old village and it was really beautiful, but a little too small to visit for an entire day. It was also kind of weird to suddenly see all the signs and things in Italian instead of French, because I’m so used to the French now. Obviously I ate some really good pizza and  gelato!

Because Ventimille was so small, we also visited Menton on the way back. This was also a nice little town, but there wasn’t very much to see, so we just spend some time at the beach and then we went back to Nice again.

Once back, I wasn’t all that tired, so I went to a park right behind my house and it is so nice! It’s on a hill and even though the climb was kind of too much after all the traveling, I went up anyway. The view was amazing and I decided to come back there and just read and relax a bit if I had the time.


Tuesday was a bit of a boring day. I got up pretty late and then I did some shopping. After that I had class and I also went to a conference, which my school hosts. This was interesting, because it was about stories and fables and, well, obviously I like stories.


Wednesday morning I went to class and after that I went back to the park. It was really great to just sit in the grass and I did some really good studying there. It’s a bit of a climb, but once you’re up in the park the view is great and it’s really quit and a really good place to pick nick a bit and study.

After my visit to the park I went back to school, because there was a Niçoise tastery, which meant that there were all kinds of foods that are really typical for Nice. It was so nice too! Among other things, I ate beignets with zucchini in it, I ate Socca and I had two kinds of Tourte de Blette, which is like a spinach dish. My favorite dish was the Tourte de Blette Sucrée, which is the sweet version of the spinach dish. So far I’ve found only French recipes, but I’m going to try and make it at home as well.

After the tastery me and some others went to the Waka Bar, which is on the promenade and right by the beach, and we had some drinks there. The view was really pretty with all the little lights in the bay area.


Thursday I only went to school and studied, because I was so tired and I didn’t feel like doing anything.


Friday I had a test! Tomorrow I will get my grade and I hope I’ve done a good job, but it was both easy and hard, so I really have no idea what grade I’ll have. After the test we played a game called Loup-Garous (Werewolfs), which was a lot of fun. I then went home and relaxed a bit, because it was the birthday of one of my host family members and we were going to a party later in the evening. This turned out to be a local festival, which was held in a former abattoir (slaughterhouse). It was really cool and I think I was the only foreigner there, so It was really nice to have that experience.


I slept out late on Saturday, because we got home pretty late from the festival. I then went to the beach at Eze, where my school opened its very own beach! Unfortunately it’s not a very nice beach, because there are a lot of rocks and there is a lot of washed up seaweeds. Nonetheless the water was really good and I had a lot of fun swimming and just chilling with the other students.

At home we continued celebrating the birthday, but this time at home with some of his friends. It was nice, but unfortunately my French is not good enough to understand people at parties, because they speak so very fast. I did have some really good cake and it was really nice to experience a French birthday party, because I only know the Dutch way of celebrating.


Today I went to Grasse with a friend! Grasse is a little town about an hour and a half from Nice and it is mostly known for its perfumes. There was also a Rose Festival, so the whole town was decorated with flowers and there were concerts everywhere, which made our visit even more special. We visited the perfume museum, which was really interesting, because I didn’t really know that much about perfume and it was great to learn more about the history of perfume and about the customs and traditions of using it.

Obviously I bought some perfume as well. I went to Artisans Parfumeurs, which is being run by Lynne de R and Guy Bouchara. I really recommend this place, because the lady there was so nice and friendly and she gave me all kinds of extra testers and even some free soap! I bought the perfume Datsima there, which is a really light and flowery perfume. After that I also went to the famous Molinard Parfumeur. Where I bought a set of five perfumes, because I couldn’t choose which to buy. It’s the line Les Féminins and the perfumes are all very feminine scents and some are more fresh and some are a bit heavier and more flowery.  I really liked that they are all so different, so they can fit with my different moods.

So this was my third week and I’m now going into my last week. Next week I’m going to make the most of it and I’m going to do some awesome things, but I’ll tell you about that next time.


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