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My Trip to Nice #3

Bonjour! Another week has passed, so it’s time for another update! By now I’m halfway through my time here and I’m seriously crying on the inside about it. I try not to think about leaving too much and telling you about my week will probably help with that 😉 This week was as much fun as last week, but I do feel like I’ve been doing less, which is ok, because I still have two weeks left.


Monday was a national holiday, so I didn’t have class. It was also kind of cloudy and I was so tired of all my trips and activities, that I hardly did anything. I wrote some reviews and got some reading done, but other than that, my day was pretty relaxed.


On Tuesday morning I went to the big shopping street here in Nice and I visited a few bookstores. I bought the French version of The Alchemist; The Secrets of the Immortal Nicolas Flamel and I bought the first novel of the Percy Jackson series, also in French. I’ve read the first pages and even though it’s hard as hell, I get what it says, so when I get home I’ll be able to keep practicing my French by reading those two novels.


Wednesday morning I had class and after that I went to the Château, which used to be an actual castle, but unfortunately it is only a ruin now. However, it is up a hill and there is such an amazing view! Just look at the pictures I took! There is also a small waterfall, which is nice, but not very impressive. The view is mainly why I went up there, but it was also surprisingly quit and peaceful up there. I was expecting a lot more tourists, but it was quite nice and I think it will be a nice place to just relax and read a bit.

After the Château I went back home and I took a route through Old Nice. I already told you that I wasn’t very impressed, but, well… I was wrong. Last time I didn’t go very far into this part of Nice, but today I did and it is really nice. There are all these small streets with all kinds of (very touristic) shops and restaurants and I think it has a bit of a romantic feeling to it.


I didn’t do much on Thursday. I was bored so I hung around at school and then I just went to class. It is nice to just spend time at school, though, because even though I didn’t have class I kept running into people I know and everyone always has time to talk a bit. I was expecting to do some studying, but in the end I just sat at a table talking to people, until I had to go to class.


Friday was awesome! In the morning my class did an excursion/game in Old Nice. Me and my team had to go and do a few ‘missions’, which involved running around town and having to speak to people and ask them things. It was really nice weather and we were a good team, so that was so much fun. Afterwards we played another game at school, because there was not much time left of our class and that made the morning pretty awesome.

After class me and some others went to get some lunch at the Hardrock Café, which is right by the Promenade and we enjoyed the sun and some pretty good food. We then spend the entire afternoon on the beach, skipping pebbles (I’m horrible at it, but at least I tried) and just relaxing and talking in the sun. In the evening they went to Sansas, a bar where EF has activities, but I was so tired I just went home and finished reading Little Brother by Cory Doctorow (review coming soon).


On Saturday there was supposed to be a BBQ on the beach of Cannes, but since it rained A LOT, they moved it to Sunday. So instead, I had a very slow and relaxed morning and I went to some museums with a friend. We went to MAMAC, which is a modern art museum and then we went to another museum which is a more historical museum called Palais Lascaris. That’s in the old part of Nice and after that we walked a long way on the promenade to the Musée des Beaux-Arts, which was my favorite of the three.


So Sunday was BBQ time! We went to a beach at Cannes la Bocca, which is a nice sandy beach and not a beach with pebbles and rocks, which it is here in Nice. We laid on the beach, had a great barbeque and we even went swimming a few times. The water was really cold, but after a while you get used to it and then it is really nice and refreshing. All in all it was a great day!


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