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My trip to Nice #2

Bonjour! My first week in Nice has flown by. If anyone ever has the chance to come here, DO IT! It’s really great here and I will give you a summary of what I’ve been doing so far (besides learning French, of course).


Sunday morning I flew to Nice and I left way too early. I had to get up at 3.30, so that wasn’t very pleasant. Anyway, the flight went very well and when I arrived at the airport I was picked up by my host family and they took me (to my temporary) home. I settled in and after lunch we walked around town and they showed me where the school was. I also went to the Promenade Anglais and the sea is sooo pretty. Now I’ve seen with my own eyes why this is called the Côte d’Azure!


Monday was my first day of school. We did some introduction and got our first lesson, which was a speed dating game.  After the lesson there was a break and me and some others went to get some lunch. After that we went back to the school and walked some more through Nice.


On Tuesday I had my first ‘real’ lessons and they were way too difficult, so I changed classes and they are much better now. After class I went to Saint Paul de Vence with some others. St. Paul de Vence is a little town 45 minutes from Nice and it was really pretty. It’s an old town with all kinds of little shops and galleries. It’s very picturesque and a great place to visit.


On Wednesday I only went to class and then I relaxed a bit at home, because I was so tired and I had some reviews to write 😉


Thursday I had class all day long, so I didn’t go to see anything else. I did learn a lot, though and that is the point of this trip anyway.


On Friday I had class and then I went exploring. First, I went to see the Russian Cathedral, which is nice on the outside, but not very special inside. Though, since I live pretty much behind it, I had to visit it. I also went to Vieille Nice, which is the old part of town. It’s very pretty with all the little streets and shops, but it’s also very touristic and I don’t really like that, so I didn’t stay long. Of course, I’ll be here a bit longer so I’ll have plenty of time to visit it again.


On Saturday I went to visit Monaco! By train it’s about 20 minutes so it’s very accessible from Nice. So after a short train ride we went to get some nice views of the place and I can tell you that Monaco is very beautiful! After looking around a bit and getting all the great views we went to see the changing of the guards at the palace and then we went to visit the oceanographic museum, but that wasn’t very exciting, so we left quite soon and then went to the palace. The royal family still lives there, so not everything is open for visits, but there are some rooms you can see and they were pretty impressive.

After the palace we took a bus to Monte Carlo, the rich part of town and we went to the casino area. Where we watched some fancy cars and expensive shop windows. Oh, and apparently I also saw the most expensive yacht in the world, but it didn’t look all that special to me.



Yesterday I went to Antibes with some friends. Antibes is a town near Nice and just like Monaco it’s only 20 minutes by train. We saw the port and we walked through the old part of town. We also went to see the Fort and we had an awesome view from up there.

So this was most of my week, today is a national holiday, so I’m just going to write some and study. It has already been great and I’m looking forward to some more lessons. I have already learned more French then I have in my entire high school years, so if you ever want to learn a language, try EF. I’ll be back with another update in about a week!


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