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Blog Introduction

Hello lovely people!

I had been thinking about starting my own book blog for quite some time, but for some reason I never took it further than just thinking about it. Until now! As you can see I have started finally started a blog!

Now I can share my love for books and I can also actively participate in the book blog community as an individual. I was already sort of part of it, because I also write reviews for the Dutch site De Leesfabriek and because I write a lot for DutchBookChick, however I always feel like I’m part of a bigger thing and I really want to be a reviewer and blogger by myself as well, if you know what I mean?

I also haven’t been writing reviews of all the books I read and I would really like to write about every genre and age group, because I honestly read almost anything. I also want to explore the blogging world more, so that’s why I’ve set this site up. Anyway, what can you expect from me? Because I have a lot planned already!

What can you expect?

Reviews! (Duh) I have already written a few reviews as a start-up, because otherwise my blog would have been completely empty, so you can read those already. Of course, I will post many more reviews here, both Young Adult, New Adult and more “canonical” literature. I’m putting canonical in quotation marks, because I don’t really believe in canon literature and honestly I also think Young Adult books could be literature aswell, but I might write something about that later, because otherwise I’ll go on a rant and that’s not what one does in an introduction, right?

Besides reviews, I will also post about books. I will write about new books that are coming out and about what my top favorites for the month are. I will also post showcases (once every two months) in which I will show you my ever growing book collection and I will be writing about (book) events that I have attended.

Last but not least, I will also post some more personal blogs, which for now will mostly be about my trip to Nice (France), where I will be learning the French language. I will post a few times about my time there and about the classes I’m taking with Education First.

So keep an eye on this blog, follow me if you like and I hope you will enjoy reading my posts!

Love, Ellen

Special thanks to Dion who helped me set this all up!


7 thoughts on “Blog Introduction”

  1. This is so random of me to comment but I have to tell you that I just came across your blog and that I love it! Honestly, you have a lovely website here and I am so happy I have discovered it! I am going to follow you so I can keep up to date with all of your posts. Keep up the great work!


      1. Aww you are so welcome! You have a wonderful blog. Do you have twitter or Instagram? I just made accounts and would love to follow you!


      2. Thank you! I do have Facebook, but I don’t have Twitter or Instagram yet. I might make accounts later, but right now I’m busy enough with just the blog and Facebook ^^

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